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Nowadays our offices can no longer rely on constant increases in profitability to fund their growth. We have recently witnessed fierce competition, fuelled by many spin-offs companies. This is usually caused by a more streamlined cost structure, driving us to snatch up a more interesting or even any kind of job. In a market that is characterised by strong competition and low growth rates, law firms partners are required to increase their qualifications and thus try to clarify or redefine their partnership obligations, in light of requisites required of law firm partners have expanded to the point that many law firms are trying to clarify or redefine the obligations of partnership relations in light of these changed conditions.

We for Legal Studies:

We must take care to provide services that meet the expectations of law firm clients.
We must contribute, with our professionalism, to the profitability of the law firm, strengthening its values and ensuring a precise and fast service.
Our mission is to provide qualified assistance in information and assessment, with an air of professionalism at a national and international level.

Knowledge is key

Thanks to Confidential Intelligence Dpt. London ™ we have international relationships with the best local suppliers of business information, allowing us to access information on companies and people around the world.

This information may reveal the potential risks associated with a particular company or person, or help identify potential partners, customers or suppliers abroad.

We offer extremely flexible solutions, with different degrees of depth and complexity, making it possible to decide with absolute certainty. Export information also includes a range of products dedicated to country risk analysis, which is particularly useful when assessing the expansion of your business abroad.

In particular, it is possible to access:

– Business Reports on over 251 million businesses worldwide
– Qualified Sales Leads enriched with data such as the product sector, country, company dimensions, group membership
– Advanced solutions for finding new customers and assessing commercial and national risks
– Sector information: reports on industrial sectors, statistics, comparative analyses of companies in the same sector.

Defensive investigations to support
of Legal Studies

Our job consists of getting to know the real facts and situations by asserting or defending the client’s rights and interests in a judicial context.

Investigations relate to: the defence of a criminal, defence on someone else’s behalf or the defence of a person to whom offences have been committed. This includes: research into a person, interviews with people who know the facts or are witnesses in favour of the accused or the injured party, the search for concrete evidence, video footage or photographic images related to the facts, people and things, finding unidentified witnesses, verbalising declarations.
Some of the main services regarding criminal investigations consist of:
Investigations into finding evidence in favour of a defence
Investigations to confirm alibi and trace witnesses
Calligraphic and typing surveys
Sound surveys
Surveillance trusts surveys
DNA analysis surveys and comparative examination and paternity
Toxicological analysis surveys
Ballistic tests

Our investigation agency uses a group of expert technical consultants.

All our services are documented with detailed evidence, technical report and legally valid proofs.

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