Class Action Lawsuits in Italy

Fraud and false litigation are often hidden behind legal suits and questionable class actions. Osint Centre offers its services to companies that face allegations of illicit misdemeanors for the sole purpose of collecting legal fees. Such amounts are often extremely high. In such cases, the signatories are often not aware of the fraudulent act, and are therefore also victims of the same scam.

Prevention strategies

Based on the above, Osint Centre has developed a strategy to help avoid over 90% of direct damage. Osint’s methodology is based on an analysis of databases, interviews and cross-referencing with other sources. Our chosen method enables us to effectively prevent fraudsters from inflicting damage on your business.


After having analysed the complaint, we then proceed to investigating the organisation who is supposedly coordinating such class actions or claims for compensation. Finally, we analyse the databases and perform calligraphic analyses and interviews with some of the signatories to find out if they are aware of such legal action and if their signature is actually authentic.

A method that works for all businesses

The strategy adopted by Osint Centre has already had positive results in a number of large national companies. The system has been proven to work in the private and non-operational agencies in the telephone, transport, ecology, pharmaceutical and lottery management sectors.

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