IT security in Italy

Nowadays, innovations in the field of technology, despite simplifying work and improving business productivity, can become unintentional gateways to possible external threats, which, thanks to the work of professional hackers, can result in the misappropriation of information, alteration of internal databases, scams and serious damage to the company’s reputation.

ICT department

It is for this reason that Osint Centre offers its customers various types of IT experts, who every day study and implement computer security systems designed to prevent any type of IT threat.

Specific services

In particular, the IT department deals with:


  • Prevention of hacking and phishing works
  • Prevention of attacks by malware, spam, and hijacking systems
  • Processing of a personalised security policy
  • Physical protection of corporate hardware
  • Implementation and creation of virtual and physical access control systems for the internal computer system
  • The work of evaluating the security of partners outside the company

Ethical Hacking

Finally, our company deals with Ethical Hacking, in order to verify the effectiveness of the systems adopted by the company in the field of computer security, and of internet investigation services for the monitoring of sites that improperly use the corporate brand, identifying them and providing to the complaint to the competent authorities of violations of copyright rights.

For infringing copyright issues, Osint Centre provides experts in
ethical hacking

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