Risk Analysis

Prevention of Fraudulent Activity

Protection of Strategic Corporate Assets


Mafia Infiltration

Airport Security

Integral Safety Solutions

ICT Security

The Osint Security Management objectives (O.S.M.) are as follows:

1. Maintain awareness among the company’s employees as regards corporate asset protection through the measures taken to guarantee security through their daily actions;
2. To foster and maintain a relationship with national and international public security institutions to ensure an ongoing high level of collaboration;
3. Facilitate risk management for companies intending to relocate or incorporate other industrial entities;
4. Respond to the needs of companies over time by constantly following the evolution of national and international fraudulent phenomena on a technical as well as scientific level;
5. Provide daily strategic and operational activities during the life of the company;
6. To possess not only certain specialist knowledge, but also have a sense of business, interpersonal skills, management skills and communication skills in order to facilitate and not hinder the company’s mission, providing the latter with proper protection and management as regards their assets.

Central points of corporate security include:

Corporate Governance
Personal Safety
Physical Security
Safety Information
Compliance and Ethics Programmes
Prevention and Detection of Criminal Activity

Fraud Deterrence
Risk Management
Planning for business continuity
Crisis Management
Environment, Health and Safety

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