Corporate security in Italy

As far as company security is concerned, implementing a business risk analysis is the right choice not only from an affordability point of view, but also for helping company management eliminate potential systemic crises that cause accidents and inefficiency.

Operational strategy

Osint Centre specialists assess your company’s risk through the following procedures:


  • Analysis of company assets: this phase is used to identify, catalog, and subsequently valorise tangible and non-tangible corporate assets, as well as internal company relationships and external threats to the company structure
  • Identification of criticality: in this phase we try to pinpoint and eliminate critical issues in the system to prevent and avoid accidents and inefficiency. Our specialists will then carry out a systematic assessment of the potential causes of damage and danger to the tangible and non-tangible assets of the company. This also includes an assessment of the relationships between the subjects and the information that gravitate around the company’s core business
  • Vulnerability and risk management: during this phase, we draw up a list of internal and external threats to the company. Such threats may include ones that are connected to IT, personnel management, industrial espionage, and much more. The evaluation results in a concrete estimate of possible damages
  • Corrective actions: we will seek to design effective countermeasures to eliminate the identified vulnerabilities, by evaluating the estimated costs of intervention as well as the areas most exposed to these risks

Risk analysis

A risk analysis generally consists of various phases. We analyse the risks weighing on the systems, organisation and bureaucratic procedures that are inherent to corporate strategies.

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