Airport Security in Italy

Our intelligence services cover all aspects of airport security, thanks to the availability of our staff who are able to optimise company standards, ensure an appropriate level of professionalism regarding the security of an airport organisation, and pass any checks or inspections made by national and international security authorities.

Work methods

For this purpose a working methodology has been put in place that focuses on these fundamental aspects:


  • Study of the sector legislation (ICAO, ENAC, inside the airport itself)
  • Assessment of the procedures inside the airport
  • Realisation of airport security audits, and subsequent drafting of a checklist to verify the actual performance of standard procedures
  • Risk analysis related to the airport building and any internal or external threats
  • Study of security personnel and assessment of their attentiveness regarding possible threats at the airport

Accurate and professional

Osint Centre will draw up a professional report listing the necessary safety regulations to be implemented and respected according to economic and operational terms, thanks to the interviews and evaluation of airport staff , and inspections of the external and internal structure of the relative terminal, with a particular focus on access control and internal staff.

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