Anti-intrusive security

With regard to anti-intrusive security at a specifically corporate level, our experts are able to, in a qualified and professional manner, evaluate any potential threats that may compromise the structure and integrity of the company, by detailing a list of the security measures an association or company might wish to employ. These security measures are a necessity for those associations or companies wishing to render their buildings impervious to external malicious attacks or industrial espionage professionals.

Effective security systems

By developing, designing, and above all creating an effective security system you can guarantee the protection of company assets and greatly improve the image of the company, by giving it an air of professionalism and greater solidity.

Types of interventions

Regarding the implementation of anti-intrusive security projects, Osint Centre is able to provide the following:


  • Installation of closed-circuit video surveillance systems
  • Fitting of alarms with their own operation system
  • Implementation of the company’s access control with barriers and cameras
  • Perimeter boundaries through the use of fences and external security personnel

Perfect integration with the company

Finally, the integrated security systems developed and managed by Osint Centre can adapt to the specific needs of companies, and greatly assist the turnover of the company itself.

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